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Re: Blank Periods - August 31st 2014, 02:02 PM

Well, I wouldn't describe it like you did but I soemtimes feel like I have snot instead of brains as i call it and I think it's the same. I feel like the world is running and I can't go faster than walking and don't get the destination. Nothing really gets to me and when it does it takes a lot of time to process. I feel strangely numb and light headed but in a bad, sad and frustated kinda way.

I feel like that when I'm "overstimulated". Or when I have a lot on my mind. If I feel that way I sometimes take a few steps back and try to process everything going on in my life and write down the stuff I need to do and what's important and than I read a little. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't and then I just sit down and stare out a window or at a single surface for a long time with my headphones in so I don't have people talking to me and I don't see anyone.