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there must be something wrong - September 6th 2014, 03:37 AM

I'm sorry of this is in the wrong section I think it goes here but I'm not sure
anyway so this is going to sounds dumb I'm sorry but im really really depressed over the fact that I'm short. like I think about it constantly idk if it's like an obsessive thing now but I just think of it whenever I look at people and it gets so bad that like I've cried and cut myself and one time I was at school and we had to line up for pictures by height and my friend wouldn't stop teasing me about how I was in the back of the line and I beat my head against the wall and gave myself a concussion or something I think. like idk it's just ever since I was little I wanted to be tall and it will never ever happen now and every time I think about it I just feel like a failure and like I will never be happy and I just want to die or not exist anymore and I know this is such a stupid and superficial thing to obsess over like there are people out there will real reasons to suffer or like with real mental problems and idk I've never been to a therapist because my mom says they don't work and they make you worse which I think is wrong but I can't do anything and I feel so horrible for worrying about my height which is so superficial but I just feel so bad and it won't go away
like it's not even that I care that girls won't like a short guy it's just I really want to badly to be tall and I don't even know why it's just how I've always felt and I thought maybe I would get over it but it just keeps getting worse and worse and I don't know what to do
i feel like i should mention also that im trans so like i'm short even for a girl and i don't think ill grow anymore but maybe it is possible i don't know

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