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Re: Finally my own dog! *-* - September 8th 2014, 01:09 AM

Originally Posted by Wolfz View Post

Well do you know what a dachshund is? It's quite obvious that a bit of that is in him but we don't know anything else. Maybe a bit of a german shepard too. ^^
Yeah, I can definitely see the dachshund in the body shape. The colouring/fur looks more like some kind of herding/working dog. Regardless, he's adorable.

Originally Posted by Wolfz View Post
Yeah. It's a bit sad what he had to go through in his past though. His owners could have done so much stuff to him and we don't even know everything of his past. We only got to know that he got leashed outside. Even in winter. :/
I understand how upsetting this can be. I got my dog from the pound and there were a few peculiarities (disliking men, flinching when you went to pat the top of her head) which indicated some mistreatment in her previous home, but she settled down a lot once she realised we were far nicer. So sometimes the important thing isn't what happened to your dog before you got them, but how you're going to make their life happier and better now.

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