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Re: group therapy... - September 11th 2014, 12:00 AM

Yeah, I mean that is the bottom line, you should give it a whack but then if you're clearly not comfortable with the particular group you have, I mean that is a matter of welfare, you are not doing your recovery process much justice by staying in by group you don't feel very comfortable with. I have never done group therapy but I have done individual councelling and can thus see the value in group therapy. I mean maybe that could spark the development of a brand new support system for you.

I mean look at us, we're a group responding to people who might be struggling and at the same time, struggling ourselves. We are feeding off of each other and helping each other out, it is literally the same thing LOL. Well, I am not going to pretend like it is the same thing, but I mean that is the same premise, seeking help and making sure you are comfortable enough to help each other out as well and that obviously takes time.

Good luck .