Thread: Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My depression and anxiety is costing me :(
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Re: My depression and anxiety is costing me :( - September 28th 2014, 08:47 AM

Hey, Ryan!

I'm glad that even though you left, you still came back for support/advice here. You're certainly welcome to do so. And no worries about it turning out to be a "rant". Everyone needs to be able to open up about their feelings and frustrating things they're going through. There's nothing wrong with that, so no need to apologize.

I'm very sorry about how your dad is treating you. I can completely understand why you'd be so upset with him. You helped him out with loans for his girlfriend's car, then suddenly he wants you to go live with your mother again instead of paying back the loan that you really need for a psychiatrist. That's really not right of him to do.

Jacob is right, it may be a good idea to talk to him about how all of this is making you feel. Explain how you've trusted him and turned to him, but now you feel as you can't trust him with the way you're being treated. There's always a chance he'll listen, and if he doesn't, you can at least say that you tried. Explain how you feel exactly as you did here and that you really need to see a psychiatrist for your depression.

Everyone makes mistakes, even those closest to us that we trust. That's why I think explaining how all of this is affecting you and giving him another chance might be good because you deserve to have supportive, caring parents in your life. Family's supposed to help each other, just how you helped your dad with the debt and the car for his girlfriend. I really don't think you're in the wrong. It's possible that his current girlfriend is causing him to be this way seeing as she gets onto him a lot. Maybe he feels as he needs to tend to her every need which gets in the way of being a father to you. If that's the case, then I highly doubt that was his intentions. Sometimes it happens and parents just aren't aware of how it affects their children.

I hope this helped. You're free to PM me if you'd like someone to talk to! I don't mind. In the meantime, just remember that while you're in quite a tough spot right now, things will be better eventually. Just hang in there, okay? You've got us at TeenHelp here for support so you don't have to do any of this alone. Stay strong.