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Re: Terrible memory - December 27th 2014, 11:58 AM

Hey Robert,

Sorry to hear what you are going through right now. Becoming forgetful, especially what you have described, can be quite scary. But once the cause is found, there will be ways of managing your forgetfulness better.

There could be many causes for forgetfulness. It could be lack of certain vitamins in your diet, depression, dissociation, some personality disorders, learning difficulties, head injuries and issues with the brain itself.

As with all online tests, use with caution. Some online Alzheimerís tests can be quite generic as they are intended for older users where Alzheimerís is a risk, so they include general questions on forgetfulness. The real Alzheimerís test used to diagnose, is very different. Also, it may be of some comfort for you to know that Alzheimerís in under 30ís is quite rare.

I recommend you go to your doctor and describe the forgetfulness you have experiencing. They may refer you to a hospital to run scans, such as a CT scan, to check that the brain itself is ok. They may also want a blood sample, to rule out any physical reasons for your forgetfulness. If these things come back clear, you may get referred to a mental health clinic/psychiatrist.

Take care

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