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I'm sorta back - January 4th 2015, 06:15 PM

Hey everyone,
I haven't been on in over a month or two now but I think i'm gonna come back. I actually don't think i've really been on much in like the last 6 months. Whoops. I've had a really difficult 4 months or so, and haven't really been talking to anyone, and i'm still struggling a lot right now. I am seeing a therapist and will probably be put on medication soon.
I wanted to make this thread to say that I will be back for a few days at the moment, but unfortunately I will most likely be gone for a week or so after that. I have a therapist appointment on Wednesday the 7th, and theres about a 95 percent chance that I will be put into a mental hospital. Thats about all i'm gonna say but if anyone wants to know more they can pm me.

Missed you all and will hopefully remember to come on more

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