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Anchor. - January 5th 2015, 09:25 AM

Major points to anyone who knows the song I'm referencing.
So yeah. That boy I've been talking about? J? Well... dreams do come true.

Insomnia and anxiety lie next to me in this bed.
Oh, how I wish beyond wishing that it was you instead.
You calm the storms inside me with one simple touch.
You turn down the noise when it becomes too much.

You're kinda like a hero, an anchor, some kinda lifeline.
I'm beyond blessed and grateful that you're mine.
You're the last sail on this ocean-beaten ship.
I lift you high when you and I collide our shaky lips.

My heart held out for yours and when yours finally came round
The giddy silence, for I couldn't speak, was such a blissful sound.
I swelled with joy, I think I might have smiled a bit too wide
It's plastered on my face now, pure joy I cannot hide.

I wrote some silly thing once about how I'd never be your girl.
Your clever self was waiting for the right time to give it a whirl.
You and I are the perfect match, the perfect pair, the perfect team
A match made in heaven, a match made in a dream.

So when I'm lying in this bed, the one I made with my self doubt
Wishing you were here to soothe my pain and hear it out
I think back on heavenly moments when you're holding me close to you
And smile a little, and then a lot, even though it really hurts to.

You're the gentleman I need, you're the lover that I crave.
You're the naysayer to the statement "I cannot be saved".
My hands fit right into yours, I slip easily into your arms
And I believe you when you say you'll never do me harm.

Insomnia and anxiety lie next to me in this bed.
Your loving affirmations ring loud inside my head.
My anxieties will never touch my soul the way that you have.
My insomnia will never change me like you did, I owe you that.

Your hands your smile your eyes your lips you are all I want.
I know you won't hurt me like him, no, not even once.
I lift you high and I know I'm ready now for the storm
Or the waves or the cold wind--with you I'll brave whatever comes.