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Question Misophonia? - January 27th 2015, 07:59 PM


So, I eat my tea sat next to my dad and we all tend to watch tv together. However, within the last month, the sound my dad makes eating has had an increasing effect on me. I am disgusted by his chewing and gulping, and he has a tendency to eat too fast, which causes him to burp. Repeatedly. EVERY NIGHT! I detest the sound of burping and it makes me want to smack him! Plus he whistles really loudly and clears his throat often, which also annoys me.

I did some googling yesterday, as it is just getting worse, and the word Misophonia kept appearing. By looking at the scale of Misophonia, I would say I am at a level 3/4, but I'm not convinced that I'm not just overreacting and being stupid.

Any thoughts?