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Re: Short Snippet for SO for Vday - February 11th 2015, 05:53 AM

Since you're reading it out loud I'll give a typo correction, because it makes it easier to read out loud when everything's correct. You put "The surrounding encircling panorama fades as a I am drawn..." so I am assuming you should erase the "a."

This evokes a lot for me! It made me feel really peaceful, as if this was both a romantic scene but also something that was very relaxing, not stressed at all. It seems as if it was very calm but also very nice.

I like the description you used. You worded things very eloquently in a way that makes me feel almost as if I was there that night, which is what I am sure you were going for. Now both of you will be able to relive it!

I like how you started this. I also like "its vibrant glow dominating the dark canvas of expansive sky."

Seriously though, your descriptions are amazing.