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Re: Thinking about military - March 10th 2015, 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by Gavi View Post
So I am thinking about joining the military. I’m not sure what branch yet but I was mostly wondering if I was off my medication would my psychiatric illness still count me out? I live in the US .
It depends on the illness, and the severity. If they do not feel you'd be a threat to jeopardizing a mission, and can receive a waiver from your psychiatrist it probably wouldn't count you out. Otherwise, I believe you need to be "clean" for a couple of years before you can join.

On the other hand, I would assess your mental capabilities before joining for your own sake. If you're like me and have depression, I would ask your self some questions like, do you want to risk making it worse with PTSD? If it's issues with concentration, do you want to risk jeopardizing or potentially letting others get harmed because you cannot focus?

In my personal opinion, if you have any mental illness, I wouldn't join. I don't want to be harsh, but that's my opinion. On the other hand, I'm not very fond of the military (and this is coming from an individual who every member of his family has served).

There's a lot to consider aside from your illness. I would really think about it, also perhaps discuss things with people who have served (not ones that are currently, but have -- that is, they can tell you about their life experiences while in, and now post military) The reason I recommend asking those who have served, is that very rarely I find do they speak positively of it, yet while they're in, it's the best thing ever. This is just from my experience. I think someone who is out of the military can offer you a more objective point-of-view. There's also a lot of moral questions involved, I know a few people who regret their time immensely for moral reasons. It's not my place to ask you questions. Just think about it before you join.