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Re: i cant get these things out of my mind. - March 22nd 2015, 02:22 AM

Howdy Gryff c:

You aren't wasting anyone's time. We're all here to love and support everyone c:

You shouldn't ever be forced to do anything, even if it's something like a kiss. It does not matter what it is that was forced upon someone. If it impacts you, that's all that matters.

Maybe you can make a comfort box/bag? You basically get a box or a bag and put things that comfort and calm you down into it. Maybe put some chocolate and a book you really like into it. Whatever you would like in it. After you put everything in it, you can decorate if you'd like. Then, whenever you feel like harming yourself, need some comfort, need a distraction, or whenever you feel tense, you have all your comfort items in one place c:

You can also maybe make a calming jar, which can be found here c:

I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to, just PM me. C: Stay strong Gryff, always remember that whatever life chucks your way, you are strong enough to charge your way through it. It might not seem true, especially right now, but it's true. Life is fair like that c: Love you, good luck

"Remember your loved and you always will be. This melody will bring you right back home." - Linkin park, The messenger. Stay strong everyone!! You are always strong enough to get through whatever life throws your way, no matter how hard it may seem.
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