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Re: Emotions and expression - April 21st 2015, 01:42 PM

I have a few of them, hope these help out:

- Dancing : Choreograph your own steps, you will feel energetic.

- Drawing/Sketching : Anything that visually pops into your head, draw/ sketch it out.

- Music composition: If you play musical instruments, you can compose your own tunes.

- Presentation/ Video making/ Film making: If you are technosavy, you can prepare your own presentations or film.

- Fashion designing : You can sketch your own set of clothes.

- Decorations:Start decorating with your own room.

- Flip book drawing : My personal favorite.

- Cooking : Believe it or not it is a form of creative expression.

- Writing: If not drawing, why don't write your story?

- Hand made gifts/cards : Prepare your own set of cards and gifts

These are the most I could think of.

Choose that way of expression that makes you happy.