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how to balance 2 jobs? - May 3rd 2015, 05:48 AM

I have 3 job interviews next week, 2 of which are for part time work. I feel that even if I do get hired for one of those positions I need to keep my current job which is also part time. So, I guess to get to the point I need help, if I do get any of the job is it ok to say I can start within 2 weeks or say I can work during the week anytime but will be unable to work weekends for 2 weeks?

I know how to balance both if I get one of the first 2 but its the third im worried about. They have 9-9 hours except sunday when its 12-7. The way me schedules and shifts run at my current job 10 or 11-4 the 4 or 5-when ever the stuff is done. I know I have to be able to work weekends if I want or get this job it dosnt matter what days I work at my current job because I can always change. (it might not take 2 weeks for any of my managers to change it if I catch them b4 they workk on the schedule.

I need to keep my current job just in case for a while at least(longer than 2 weeks)like I can't do the job, they fire me, so on. I want to keep both until I feel comfortable in the second. If it comes to it I can always get someone I work with now to take my shift during the week but never the weekend(I always close and its our busiest days and EVERYONE hates it)

Any ideas how to balance both without making one of them want to fire me or the new job not want me at all. I'm sorry I'm bugging you all with this, I'm worried and sorta freaking out(i don't know why) and not sure where to begin. When I'm nervous I say things without thinking so I kinda neeed a plan before I go in there and start talking and agreeing and put myself in a corner I can't get out of.

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