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Re: Rant On Debating: Against People Or The Topic? - April 19th 2009, 12:25 PM

Let me just say. It's not just people who don't believe in God that try to convince people that God isn't real. There are a lot of Christians who try to convince people who don't believe in God that there is a God. So, while I do agree with you that it's not right, it happens with every belief, and it's not just Christians that are sometimes questioned. People are always going to have questions, and unfortunately they don't always ask them in the best of way. Everyone could use some improvement with how they ask questions or word things during any kind of debate. I'm sorry that this has been getting to you like this, though. People should follow the point of your thread, and treat others beliefs with respect. Unfortunately, you can rarely expect that to happen, no matter where you go.

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