Thread: Male Advice Preferred: I don't know the term for my sexuality?
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Re: I don't know the term for my sexuality? - July 12th 2015, 12:56 AM

Hey there,

I am going to move this to LGBT, Sexuality, and Gender Identity because that is where this is most fitting.

I want to ask you a question before anything else. Do you think that maybe you're just the type of person to "go with the flow" sort of speak? I know that I'm similar in a way, where I don't really have any interest in pursuing anyone, and if it happens it happens, but if it doesn't I don't mind. It doesn't necessarily change your label.

Asexual basically means that you normally don't feel sexual attraction to others. Aromantic would be if you don't experience romantic attraction to others. Do either of these terms seem fitting?

This is our Queer Dictionary which contains information on other various labels, so maybe you can look through this and see if anything there is fitting.

Remember that what you label yourself is up for you, so label yourself what you are most comfortable with, whether that's straight, asexual, or something else! Only you can define your label, not society.

Also don't stress. Whatever your label is, you are wonderful just being you. Go with the flow, and things will become clear over time!


Let it come and let it be...

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