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WHAT IS THIS TITLE?????? - July 24th 2015, 08:14 AM

OK, this has been driving me insane for like a week. I read this book a long time ago, and I want to know what it was called.

A husband and a wife buy a pot, and it doubles everything and anything you put into it. They put in 5 coins, out comes ten. The husband and wife fall in, and get exact clones of themselves. I want to say it is called "the ____________ pot", I can't remember the middle word.

Also, another children's book:

A family gets a dog, the dog has bad breath. Like, really bad. So they go to sell this dog, and before they can, a robber breaks into their house, and the dog knocks out the robber with its bad breath. So the family decides not to sell the dog. The dog's name was Hally.

And another children's book:

A family moves into a new house, and discovers a monster in the basement. The monster assures the family it is nice. The little girl puts pink bows in the (male) monster's hair at one point.

And another:

This is a chapter book. It is the story of a part-dog-part-wolf, made into a pet by the Native Americans. Then a man called Beauty Smith (even though he is extremely ugly), tricks the Native American into selling the dog for whiskey. Beauty Smith uses the dog for a fighting dog, and it wins every battle until a bulldog comes into the fights. The dog/wolf is almost dead when a nice man buys the dog off of Beauty and starts to build up the dog's trust in humans again. Then that man is moving and tried to leave this dog behind. The dog ends up coming to (i think) California with this man. Book is by Jack London.

And one more:

a children's book, this is a story about how the first dog was made into a pet. A boy is going home, and he has a bag of ribs (made of wooly mammoth bones) and he goes to eat it on his way home. But some sort of danger comes, and the dog protects the boy. The boy starts traveling again, sits down to eat again, and danger happens again, the dog protects. This happens a third time. Finally the boy gets home and the dog becomes his pet.

My grandmother used to read me these stories, and I want to read them again. She can't remember what they were. I want to read them again because they used to be my favorite books and I would always choose these particular books for her to read to me when I was at her house.

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