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Re: Chances of pregnancy? - August 31st 2015, 06:19 PM

Hey there,

First off, I just want to say that there are many different reasons that could cause a period to be late. One of the most common reasons for this, is as you mentioned already, stress. Things such as change in diet, exercise, etc. can also throw off the menstruation cycle.

To answer your question, sexual contact comes with risk. From what you have described, it seems like there is a very low chance of pregnancy. In order for pregnancy to occur, semen needs to have been inside of the woman. If this did not happen, pregnancy cannot occur. Therefore, from what you have described, it is unlikely that she is pregnant.

To answer your second question, without intercourse, the risk of pregnancy is lowered significantly, however if there is any activity where there's the chance that semen comes into contact with the vagina there is always a small risk involved.

If her period is already late and once 14 days have passed since the dates you have mentioned, she can take a pregnancy test. This gives the body enough time to generate enough pregnancy hormones for a urine test to detect. A pregnancy test will also give you both a peace of mind if you're still worried. I understand that you said it would be difficult for you to get one, however if her period becomes extremely late or if you both continue to worry, either one of you should purchase a test as this is a responsibility that comes with being sexually active. You can purchase a test at a pharmacy or some grocery stores.

Pregnancy scares are stressful. In the future, you may want to think of different ways to be sexually active, that won't put you through this sort of situation again. Condoms are a simple way to protect yourself and your partner from pregnancy and STI's. Try to learn from this situation, so you will feel more comfortable being sexually active in the future.

Hope this helps a bit.
Take care. :]

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