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Re: Chances of pregnancy? - August 31st 2015, 06:49 PM

Originally Posted by nik232 View Post
"In order for pregnancy to occur, semen needs to have been inside of the woman."

Does this mean semen needs to be deposited INSIDE (not on) the vagina? This could happen only if you penetrate with your penis and ejaculate in there or if you have it on your fingers and you INSERT the fingers in. It cannot happen if you have semen/precum on your fingers and you touch the outer side of vagina without inserting fingers in. Right?
Technically yes, but the thing is there can still be a slight chance if sperm was anywhere near the vagina. Sperm has to enter in order to be able to attach to the egg, so if it's outside you'd be safe. But if it gets in somehow then there is that chance.
A period being 5 days late is completely normal. Periods rarely are regulated to the point where they come on the dot every month, variation usually occurs and it can intensify due to things like stress, changes in exercise or diet, etc.
Pre-cum also will not contain sperm unless you ejaculated and did not go to the bathroom or shower before going at it again.
My best advice is because there was no penetration, she's probably not pregnant. I recommend just being patient and her period should come. If you are nervous though, she can test for it and it will be accurate if it has been at least two weeks since you engaged in sexual activities.
In the future, you can use a condom even if you aren't having vaginal sex just to ensure your sperm is kept away. It's always good to be safe than sorry.

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