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Re: Chances of pregnancy? - September 1st 2015, 03:56 PM

Originally Posted by nik232 View Post
"In order for pregnancy to occur, semen needs to have been inside of the woman."

Does this mean semen needs to be deposited INSIDE (not on) the vagina? This could happen only if you penetrate with your penis and ejaculate in there or if you have it on your fingers and you INSERT the fingers in. It cannot happen if you have semen/precum on your fingers and you touch the outer side of vagina without inserting fingers in. Right?
Stranger things have happened than a girl getting pregnant without being ejaculated in. The reason no one can really give you a straight yes and no answer is that every situation is individual, and as much as we can say it's incredibly, incredibly unlikely- we aren't doctors with pregnancy tests who can say for definite she's not pregnant. It does sound incredibly unlikely from what you've described though, so I wouldn't stress.

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