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Re: Chances of pregnancy? - September 5th 2015, 07:49 PM

Cycle day 40 almost ended today. Periods started at around 11 PM.

We both were going insane with stress and were talking about taking the pregnancy test. Taking the pregnancy test would have been A VERY BIG DEAL - please try to understand. She was freaking out that even if the test gets a false positive, she'll die. And I was freaking out too. This conversation was taking place at around 8 PM then around 8:40 PM, she told me she is getting that distinct "periods feeling" that she always does before they start. Then at 11 PM, periods started.

How do we know for sure that it is periods and not the normal bleeding that occurs during early pregnancy? We can't take the pregnancy test. It freaks us out like anything.

If this was any other time, I wouldn't have still been worried since periods have started. But since it has taken 40 days this time, I'm still worried. The longest cycle she has had was 34 days. Never more. But this 40 days is still worrying me. Is it really the period? Or is she pregnant and having the bleeding that women do in early pregnancy? P.S. She has not had any other pregnancy symptoms yet either.