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Boyfriend spending alot more time with friends and smoking pot. - April 20th 2009, 09:17 PM

I don't know how to feel. Im used to having my boyfriend always put me first, always want to hang out and talk. He's recently become very close with all of his friends. This is because a.) they no longer have girlfriends and have lots of time on their hands and b.) they have all started smoking pot which is something they all do together now. I don't like that he does it but i know I can't make him stop. I just feel left out now. I hang out with him and them once in a while and all they want to do is smoke weed. When im with him alone things are fine but whenever im not with him, its like i dont exist. If i text him he says he's too busy to talk. I miss my old boyfriend. He used to be so good...he was against drinking and drugs and now its all changed. He got arrested like a month ago for smoking pot stupidly in a parking lot with lots of people around and a cop showed up and arrested him. He had alot on him. He went to court today for it and it was postphoned..hes probabaly going to get off cuz he has a good argument (don't ask its not important) His family has lost a lot of trust in him and he says he doesn't care anymore...about anything. I wish the whole thing didnt happen...if he gets off with nothing hes just going to smoke even more. I just never wanted to date a pothead...and now i am and i hate it. Ive been with him for 3 years, love him and we've talked about getting married its pretty serious. Would you be upset if you were me? Is there anything I can do?