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Re: is this life (its a bit shit tbh) - October 1st 2015, 03:54 PM

Hey there. I have felt similarly before, but not to the point of feeling suicidal, more like an overall numbness and repeatedly asking myself "What is life? Why am I here? Why are things so shitty? Why can't I enjoy it?"
What has helped me is to take a little time every week and put myself in the way of beauty. Usually this involves watching the sunset or sunrise. As simple as it is, it really is amazing. A week ago I started feeling this numbness again that I always feel when I'm forced back into the school routine, and I was walking back home when I decided "fuck it, I'm going to go through the park today, even if it's slightly longer than the usual way." As I was walking through the park, watching people chatting and sitiing on benches, the sunset was amazing, and I was truly in awe. At that moment I had this overwhelming sense of freedom and happiness, and I felt so grateful to be alive. I told myself that I would be more than happy to go through a year of hell just to experience this sunset.

Even if you have doubts, I suggest you try it, just once, and see how it makes you feel. It can't take away all suicidal thoughts, but it sure helps.

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