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Re: My child's first car I'm so worried! - October 5th 2015, 08:50 PM

By a tracker do you mean to see where he's going or just how safely he's driving? Here it's becoming more and more common for young people to have what are known as black boxes in their cars, which make sure they're driving safely (whether that be their own choice or their parents). This is because it can help to get lower insurance as younger people are considered riskier by insurers this allows those who are safe drivers to pay less. This doesn't mean the parents are able to see what their child is doing in the car, but they know they have to be safe otherwise the insurance company would know. I don't know whether you have anything like this in your country, but it could help with you worries somewhat? Whatever you do discuss it with your son first, don't do it without his knowledge or make it sound like you're laying down the law. Make him feel like you trust him and see him as adult enough to discuss the subject.

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