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Re: My child's first car I'm so worried! - October 7th 2015, 09:39 AM

As Nicole said, if your son is in an accident, you will know. It's extremely likely that your son will call you if he is in an accident because it really can shake you up. He'll most likely turn to you to figure out what needs to be done next. If he is involved in a serious accident (I certainly hope this never happens!), you will also be notified by the police or the paramedics.

Perhaps you could talk to your son about saving you as an ICE (in case of emergency) contact in his phone. I can't speak for iPhones, but I know that Android phones offer the ability to label people in your phone as this type of contact. If an emergency occurs that prevents an individual from being able to communicate with the appropriate people about who should be called, this label will notify them of who should be called and in what order. Knowing that you will be reached no matter what might help put your mind at ease a bit.

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