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Girlfriend SH - October 9th 2015, 11:44 PM

*Note, apologies if this is in wrong section.

My girlfriend is contemplating self harm alot more now that her life has progressively worsened. Help is on the way in forms of medication, however it will take a while before that is all settled up.

Recently, shes starting to bite & Dig her nails into her skin, and have VERY hard time trying to control the self harm urges.

I personally am worried that if I become lenient and tolerating of this behavior, she will get the "taste" for self harm and extend to cutting & Not be able to control this, she told me she likes to Sh for the feel of it.

So far my behavior has been, angry , but yet openly caring and supportive.

However she starts to dislike me very much when I prevent her from doing it, under the threat that If she does this, she'll break a long-running pact which means Ill cut too. (We made a deal neither of us would cut, and if one of us did then...)

As a result of her disliking my opposition she contemplates lying; even though i personally believe she wouldn't, if she was to lie (Because it can happen) It would damage alot of trust and cause unnecessary stress.

So really my question is: What are the best ways I can prevent my girlfriend from self harming; are there any alternatives that could replace the "feel" she desires - and IF she does self harm, what is the best way for me to deal with it.

- Thanks for any help in advance