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Overcoming fear of swallowing tablets - October 14th 2015, 04:32 PM

Don't suppose anyone has fears of swallowing tablets/capsules?

I have a skin infection (impetigo) which requires antibiotics. At the moment, I can take them in liquid form, but if that doesn't work, the alternatives are stronger antibiotics but in the form of tablets/capsules.

This isn't a physical problem since I can swallow fine. I just get so anxious. I've tried looking online on 'how to swallow capsules' and followed the steps with capsules that I had before, but I end up shaking with anxiety and having the capsules open in my mouth instead. I hate the feeling of them going down my throat and am scared they will get stuck. Whenever I have dinner, I always have my food first, then have a drink once I've finished eating. I can't stand eating and drinking at the same time. I'm scared of choking too. I haven't had any traumatic incidents with choking. Just the usual rushing your food as a child and inhaling some food, where you cough and splutter and 5 minutes later you are fine. Unless, nearly drowning counts, as I must've breathed in some pool water when I was younger, but didn't need any medical attention.

I just hate it. People look at me stupid when I say that I can't swallow tablets. Worse they think I'm making it up :/

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