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Re: Picture exposed... is it worth reporting? - November 17th 2015, 06:21 PM

Hey there,

This is absolutely worth reporting. Posting or sending photos or videos of someone that were obviously meant to be private without their consent is a form of revenge porn and, in many US states, is becoming illegal and punishable by law. What Storm did to you is 100% not okay and actions need to be taken.

I did have something very similar happen to me a little over a year ago. I was in an abusive relationship and my ex sent photos of me to my family, my university, and posted it on Facebook. It was horrifying and, if I'm being completely honest, stopped me from going to school for a month and a half because I didn't want to face anybody. My mistake is the fact that I didn't say anything. I was given the option of filing a police report and opted out of it because, at the time, I was still very much in love with the person and didn't want anything to happen to them. Every day since I cut them out of my life, I wish I had gone to the police.

I'm not entirely sure what actions the police will take regarding this, especially if you're still a minor. That being said, it is completely worth reporting to the police. While it won't take back what Storm did to you, it will prevent him from doing it to anybody else out of jealousy, anger, etc. and will stop him from sending anything else of yours out if he is still in that mindset.

If you want to talk about this some more, I'm more than happy to chat. Feel free to PM me anytime.

Take care,

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