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Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope - December 22nd 2015, 08:43 PM

Crying isn't for everyone. If you can cry, it's a good way to release all of the emotion building up inside of you. Since you have trouble crying, there are other ways of releasing emotion that you can try.

It also might be helpful to know what kinds of emotions you're dealing with so you can tailor your alternatives to what you're dealing with.
In General, here are some ideas that can help when dealing with emotions- exercising (running, walking, jumping rope, etc), music (listening, singing, playing instruments), art (drawing, scribbling, etc), writing (journaling, poems, song lyrics), talking to someone about what you're feeling
For anger you could try throwing something soft against a wall, such as a sock or small washcloth. Exercise could also be helpful- things like throwing or kicking a ball, running as fast as you can, or hitting a punching bag
I hope this helped a little.