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Re: I want to be numb - February 4th 2016, 07:45 PM

Hello Frankie,

You aren't alone in how you are feeling. Wanting to numb the emotional pain and be able to talk to someone about your feelings and thoughts. I completely understand. The feeling alone is really hard to deal with, especially if there isn't anyone you can express those things with.

Do you go to counseling/therapy? I am not sure if you do or don't. If you do go, is it possible to ask for more support and help? You can express your feelings. If you don't see anyone like a counselor/therapist, are you able to make a self-referral? If not you can always talk with your doctor.

It may seem that taking more of your medication or drinking will numb your feelings. I know from experience it can, but after you don't feel well. You are either left with a bad stomach-ache, feeling really sick (throwing up), your head will hurt and it doesn't actually solve anything. I do know, it may seem like that and I do know how hard it is to be alone and no one to talk to about the feelings you are having.

You are welcome to come into Chat and talk to either a Chat Mentor or a Moderator about how you are feeling (but ask if they are free to give advice) if the LiveHelp isn't online and you need support. You can always talk to other users or other staff members who are in the Chat Room. You can always submit a HelpLINK Ticket. These things you can use if you are feeling low and alone or just someone to talk to.

If you need anything let us know, you are welcome to PM me if you feel comfortable and want to.

Take Care.

Have questions or would like to chat send me a PM
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