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Re: My brother hurts me. - February 21st 2016, 08:17 PM


You're right. Most places will not hire someone your age, unless it's a family business of some sort. I do like your initiative in wanting to get a job, though. That's admirable. Perhaps you can look into doing odd jobs for friends and family, such as babysitting, or yard work as an example. I know those jobs aren't really "set" but it'll give you a way to make a little extra money here and there. I think you should consider hiding your money in a different spot. You might want to invest in a lock box with a key or a combination lock, or hide it somewhere really unexpected, like a tampon box, for instance. You can also try to have it on you at all times but that isn't necessarily safe. Is there anyone you can trust who might be willing to help you open an account and get a debit card?

If your parents aren't listening, then tell someone else about what your brother is doing to you. Tell your friends, or their parents, tell your teachers, a school counselor, extended family. Call a hotline or the police if you're in any kind of danger with violence or anything sexual. Tell people until you find someone who will listen to you. I know someone out there will listen to you and they'll believe you. I believe you. Never stop trying to reach out.

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