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Recommendation letters - February 26th 2016, 02:32 AM

Hey! So I'm still in girl scouts, and they have this program where you shadow a congressman for a week and sort of intern in Congress. I live right by DC and I want to go into something government-ish, so this is basically my dream opportunity. I told my government teacher about this and she encouraged me to apply and offered to write me a recommendation, but I still need one more. I've never done an application like this before, I really don't know who a good person to ask would be. I have a couple teachers that I'm on good terms with, but I don't really have any other classes that relate to this (except maybe journalism). I did have an teacher advisor I used for some long-term history projects, but it was a couple of years ago.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who to ask for recommendations and how to ask them? Can I just ask any teacher, and does it matter how long ago I had them?

Thanks guys

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