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Re: Recommendation letters - February 26th 2016, 03:13 AM

Hey there, you aren't the only one who struggles with how to get recommendations. If you can use your troop leader and she isn't related to you (mine was my mom), you could ask her. Or, if you have related volunteer experience you can try someone who oversees your work. If you want or need to go with a teacher, you're right. It's best to go with someone who teaches a related class or who you've worked with on a related project. If that's not an option, go with someone who knows you well and knows that your goals are in line with the shadowing. They'd be best able to explain why you should go and there's less explaining that way. As long as the teacher has had you as a student, and they remember you, then you can ask them. It doesn't have to be a current teacher, but the more recently they had you, the better, especially if they aren't really relevant. And, to quote my senior English teacher "If you're going to ask a teacher for a recommendation, make sure they like you!"

As far as how to ask. If it's someone who you've told about your career goals or you've done something related with them, you can bring it up that way. Something like, "We've talked before about how I am interested in x career, I did x project with you, etc. and there's a shadowing experience that I'm applying for through Girl Scouts, would you be willing to recommend me?" Be ready to answer questions about what it involves and what you'd be doing; since it's not through school, chances are they won't be familiar with it.

I know this might make it seem overwhelming, but it's more getting past the psychological part of it (at least for me) that makes hard for some people.

Good Luck!

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