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Motivation - March 7th 2016, 06:48 AM

I can't motivate myself to save my life. At my old school, I had a clear goal in mind: I was gonna get my grades up, get the fuck out and go to my dream school, where I'm at now. But now, its just NOTHING. I can't motivate myself to work on homework or get a job. I've finished one small homework assignment over the last 5 hours. In truth, I had absolutely no ambition besides coming here. Like, this is it. My dream job would be being a househusband who watches the kids. My only dreams ever were: go to school here (and I forgot about the "school" part) and get married (which is laughable considering my history with women). I just can't motivate myself with ANYTHING. Not with money, not with helping people, not with even having friends... I guess the closest thing I feel to motivation is not making my family ashamed of me- and thats not motivating me very much. Hell, I dream of going on a dangerous and probably extremely uncomfortable adventure over having a steady job.
I could work for hours on end with a pin-point focus at my old school. I'm constantly sabotaging myself here. Even this post is partly just a way to procrastinate, and I can justify it by saying it is even remotely productive. I've gotten one small assignment done over the last 5 hours of "doing homework".