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Re: Confused and Blaming Myself - Nightmares - April 3rd 2016, 02:39 PM

Originally Posted by Wingardium27 View Post

I keep doubting and blaming myself, regardless of how many people tell me numerous times that it wasn't my fault, I shouldn't blame myself, I couldn't have prevented it etc. I just keep thinking over and over:

I was wearing a short (mid-thigh) low cut dress, heels and makeup - I must have encouraged him
I made myself an easy target by not dancing like everyone else (it was at a school disco)
I should have been more forceful the first time he touched me
I should have been more careful
I should have fought back harder
okay i used to do this, and basically you gotta counteract this list with another list of reasons why it wasn't your fault. like
  • i was young
  • i didn't know any better
  • men should know better than to sexually assault and rape girls
  • i did what i had to do to not get killed (fighting harder could have gotten you killed)
  • being more forceful the first time he touched me probably would have just angered him more
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