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Re: fd's - April 9th 2016, 11:40 PM

Originally Posted by eaty View Post
I just wanted to point something out about this, incase no one else knows about this and its why people don't show up.

In the newsletter each month when we announce the topics for the next month. There is actually a written little description of each topic for the FDs.

This is actually the last newsletter, that has the current FD schedule, with those FD topics with the written descriptions:
Truthfully, despite reading the Newsletter from time to time, I must clearly be overlooking that bottom section. Just an idea but could those descriptions not be added to the FD section? Whenever there's a FD on there's the usual pop-up at the top with a part that says, 'For more information about our Facilitated Chat Room Discussions' but then the link mainly includes dates, times and who will be running the discussion and its title... but no description. I don't think it could hurt to have something under each of the upcoming sessions, that way anyone who clicks the link will be able to know a bit more of what they're about. This may also help to attract new faces as well as old.

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