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Re: I need advice now. - May 16th 2016, 08:53 PM

Iím really sorry to hear that you were sexually abused and threatened by your own dad. You didnít deserve that at all and you arenít to blame, I hope you understand that. No one is going to tell you to report it- thatís entirely your decision, and itís not something you have to do at all. Are you away from your dad? While you donít have to report it, you should try to keep away from him, to keep yourself safe.

Feelings of being alone, confused and ashamed are common after having been sexually abused. But you arenít alone. You have TeenHelp. And though you were sexually abused, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I understand it can be very hard to talk about being abused, and itís understandable that you feel you canít openly admit to what you have been through. It can be really helpful to write your feelings down though. Being able to get your feelings out in a healthy way, is better than keeping them all bottled up.

There is life after abuse and you can heal from it. I agree with the other responses that calling a hotline and being able to talk to someone when you feel low and want to end your life can help. And you can always use the forums, Live Help and HelpLINK too.

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