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Re: Blogs? Subscriptions? - May 26th 2016, 11:15 PM

Right now no one gets email notifications. When the email system was up and you were subscribed to something you would get an email version of it whether it was a thread, social group, blog, etc. But since the email system is down no one gets emails anymore. So I guess currently you could say the subscription feature on TeenHelp is down as well.

Rob is working on fixing the email system currently and I'm sure he will make an announcement for when it's up and running.

If it's your own blog comments you're trying to keep track of you could try checking your blog yourself to see if there's anything new by either looking at the recent comments section or in the bottom right hand corner of the blog post preview that shows the number of comments on that blog.

If you're trying to keep track of someone else's blog, checking the recent entries page often should suffice to see if they've posted. Not many blogs are posted daily and it usually takes a day and a half or so for them to continue to the next page.

I get that it's not very convenient right now, trust me I do. But it's something we just have to deal with until the email system is back up.

Hope I helped some even though I can't fix what you'd like to be able to use. x

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