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Re: Photography Issues - July 22nd 2016, 08:42 AM


Depending if it's an AF-S, AF-I, or other type of AF Nikkor lens it might not be effective with an aperture below f/5.6 with the newer camera model. Which could explain you not being able to get a better depth of field. Plus, 28-80mm Nikkor lenses were discontinued long before the Nikon D3000 was released, so there may be inconsistencies in the mechanisms to where they do not work correctly together.

Depending on your budget for a better lens, you can go with the cheaper 50mm f/1.8 lens which runs around $130-$200+ depending on where you buy from (I found one for $130-ish on Amazon). There are more expensive ones that have a better depth of field, but they can run above $2000.

Honestly, if you've only just come across doing photography, I'd hold off on buying any lenses for now. Unless you have money to burn, then go ahead. But the camera is only a tool for you. I would learn as much as you can about how your current camera and lens takes pictures. Then, if you find you can easily accomplish doing something with your current equipment, buy a new lens to fit your needs. You could end up wasting a fair amount of money you might not even have buying a lens you won't use. If you want to experiment you could try renting a lens which is a lot cheaper, especially for the more expensive ones.

Best of luck! Photography is really fun and a great hobby to have.

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