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Re: Kill myself - July 31st 2016, 05:17 PM

Hello there.

I think that its just better to not think too much because of what you did .. he was just a regular guy who wanted some sexy pictures, and its better for you to not bother much bout him. He is a shallow guy that just thinks that girls are just looks and nothing more and I feel sorry for him.

But I do think that its probably better for you to not think about what he said to you. He was just a shallow guy, and he deserves no more space in your brain. You deserve better than to be worrying about what he said to you, and you should know that you're worth much more than how you look. You're an awesome person to talk to, and you probably got so much more to offer.. including a good personality, and the fact that you are in touch with your feelings and that you want real love. That for me is special

Stay strong, and remember that you got me on your side too.

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As usual... pm me if you are ever having a tough day, and I'll respond immediately.

You guys deserve to be happy no matter what.. okay? You people are a bunch of lovelies ... and no matter what, you people deserve to be happy.