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Unhappy I'm just a total failure - September 15th 2016, 10:20 AM

Hi guys

So I'm at a point in life at the moment in which changes are happening frequently and rapidly. I finished sixth form in June, which marked the end of 7 years of studying at my high school as I stayed on to do Further education there too. I'm starting University next week, and I've been looking for part time work to do alongside it, so have started a new job.

To be honest, I'm shocked that I am going to university next week as my a level grades turned out to be a complete joke despite the fact i worked hard throughout the year. I managed to get two Bs in English and Psychology but in Biology, I only just scrapped a D grade

The job hunting hasn't exactly been a massive success either. I have a cleaning job at the moment at a chip shop (great, right?) But I know the only reason I've got the job is because nobody else wants it and there's no one else to do it. And I know I'm rubbish at the job too and I let the team down because I do things wrong all the time and I can't keep up to speed with things. I just feel so crap about it. Like, I'm actually so shit that I can't even excel in a position as a cleaner, one of the least skilled jobs there is. I applied at McDonald's, and didn't even manage to get an interview. I had an interview at a Bowling alley but I didn't get the job there either. I've applied at Pizza hut and Tesco and KFC and all sorts and gotten nowhere. I just feel like a total, utter failure and like I'm going absolutely nowhere in life. Everything I try to do I just seem to fail at. Even if I did get better a level grades and had got hired by one of the places I applied to, then I'd still be fat, I'd still have no friends apart from my dog and no real interests other than watching films alone all day and playing pokemon go occasionally.

I try so hard to get where I want to be but I just feel completely stuck. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance