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I thought potty training was half way over? - September 15th 2016, 04:47 PM

Okay. So we've had Ava day time potty trained for a very long while now. We used a 'pull up' or whatever they're called during the night, because she would still sometimes pee in her bed at night, or during nap time.

Anyway, Ava hasn't had an accident during the day in a very very long time, but this past week she has been peeing in the floor/bed every single chance she gets. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't really believe in getting on to her for going pee. Accidents happen. However, it is like she just refuses to go to the potty anymore, and I'm not entirely sure how to handle the situation. I've been trying to think of any added stress she may be experiencing. Any changes in her daily routine that could cause her to pee in her pants, and I can't really think of any. I've also encouraged her to use the potty more often, and have been reminding her so we can try and avoid these accidents.

If anyone has any advice that would be awesome. Thanks it advance.

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