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Re: remendies to stop misqueto bites from itching - October 11th 2016, 07:30 AM

I am also allergic to mosquitoes and they seem to be able to find me whenever I'm outside. Depending on the amount of bites and how large the hives get I personally use Benadryl extra strength itch stopping gel/stick/spray for minor reactions. Certain anti-itch creams and hand sanitizer can leave scars, like Katie said, but I've never experienced that with Benadryl brands. When I have a larger reaction or more bites I take children's liquid Benadryl because it works better for me, but the pill form is fine too. Though, just as a precaution (which you might know), the oral forms of Benadryl can make a person drowsy.

Something I also do for persistently itchy bites is put cheap band-aids over them. If I'm not going anywhere I won't care how silly I look with a ton of them. If you do find yourself super itchy with no relief, trying to distract yourself from it might help and/or keeping your hands busy with something. I will sometimes do something that makes my hands dirty because I won't want to get any of the material, like clay, anywhere else. I know that's a hard tactic to actually use, but can honestly be the most helpful when your brain is busy on a task and not paying attention to bodily sensations as much.

Not completely related, but you might want to look into pet safe bug solutions. I'm not sure if it works for mosquitoes, but we have this all natural bug repellent spray (not for human skin) that we spray the perimeter of our house with and it keeps the majority of bugs away. It's mostly made up of minty oils and has a strong peppermint smell, but it really works. As soon as I spray it I see bugs running away. I'm not also sure about the weather in California, but most of the mosquitoes outside after the fall/winter first frost die off because it's too cold for them to live. I'm not sure if California ever gets to that temperature, but if it does you could open your bedroom windows (if you have them) to essentially chill your room out and kill them all with science. There's also lots of other options that are safe for pets you could look into as well.

Best of luck with this, Essa! I know how annoying mosquitoes and bugs in general can be.

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