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is this control - November 13th 2016, 06:51 PM

Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is controlled behaviour or not. A few months ago when we first moved in together we had an argument which lead to his anger coming out and him raising his hand to me. Well he's settled down as i've went through health issues which has lead to pcos. We talked about it and he was understanding. Until I started college and settled in I met lots of new friends and one who is the same age as me and is male. We have a good friendship and we both hang out with another friend who is female. When my male friend invited me out for a college night out my partner told me to go out have fun with my friends. I did and really enjoyed myself then my partner went away for the weekend I was fine with him sharing a hotel room with female friends as I trust him. It all changed when he was away he text me rung me and when he found out i had went for a meal with my 2 friends because one is male he wasn't happy. Also when i give my friend lifts home because he's male he isn't happy either. He's becoming jealous saying I'm texting my other boyfriend i have more time for him than i do for him. If he didn't love me he wouldn't cook or clean for me. He doesn't want to lose me because i mean the world to him. I told him i was going to see my best friend he said so I'm not going to have time with you again. He's buying me flowers and gifts again. He told me he doesn't like my friend's name mentioned. My female friend told me my male friend likes me too because I'm his favourite in the class when I'm texting my friend my partner always says you texting your boyfriend again and guilt tripping me where as its ok for him to always fb message his friends who are mostly girls who he tends to flirt with calling them hun and babe makes me feel insecure. We don't have a sex life either he blames his age and weight for it too he's 12 years older than me also.
I really do not know what to do anymore i can't quit college. I'm scared he will go for me again.