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Gallbladder Issues (blech) - November 15th 2016, 01:15 AM

So I have to get two tests done to determine if my gallbladder needs to come out. Apparently I have sludge in it (gross, I know), and some kind of lesion and the doctor thinks that something is blocking one of the tubes in there. So I have to get a HIDA scan and an ERCP.

The HIDA scan I have looked up youtube videos of but I just don't know what my experience will be like and am a little scared. Has anyone here had a HIDA scan done before? I'm supposed to go in on Friday to get it done.

The ERCP I've had done before, this I'm getting done next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I fell asleep through it

But yeah, this HIDA scan I'm not sure about. Any experiences or any information you'd like to share? Anything will help ease my fear.

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