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Re: ..... I have no words to say.. - November 23rd 2016, 10:03 AM

May I offer an idea that is a little counter intuitive? Rather than trying to find someone like her, why not just try to make friends. I understand you want the emotional support and closeness, and getting that is completely fine. But don't hold other people to the standard she was. I say that because no two people are the same, and its not fair, to you or the other person. Perhaps just try meeting new people, and then you'll meet someone who gives you the closeness you need?

Also, I know you're struggling, but give yourself some time. Its not easy going through what you're going through. Just hang in there, you can get through it. Reach out to people, and get the help you need to recover.

Just my two cents, ignore it if it sounds stupid to you.

PM me if you ever wanna talk. Send a message my way.
And remember, you matter. You're awesome. You're beautiful. Stay strong, the world will get better.

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