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Re: ..... I have no words to say.. - November 25th 2016, 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by Green Yoshi View Post
There's a huge void in my heart.. and dying is the quickest way to eliminate my pain , and end my suffering.
There's something missing from this sentiment. Yes, if you kill yourself then your pain ends (assuming you succeed, of course, because suicide attempts present a whole host of other problems), but that pain doesn't just go away. It gets passed on to everyone you've left behind, the friends you have and and family you love and even acquaintances who you may not think would remember you. Suicide affects people in ways you can't predict and maybe may not even be able to understand, but trust me when I say this: you won't be forgotten, and people will be dealing with your death for a long time. Is that really the legacy you want to leave behind, or would you rather inspire people by working through your pain and building a better future for yourself?

Originally Posted by Green Yoshi View Post
That friend is super important and i am suffering.
Yes, she may be important, but she is not you. She's not responsible for your happiness, and you can't let your sense of self-worth be tied into what she thinks of you. If you give anyone else control over your happiness, you automatically take away some of your own power. There's a quote I read a while ago that I think applies here: "happiness isn't out there, it's in you." Don't ever rely on anyone or anything external for your own happiness or sense of purpose, because that's something you can't control and you'll feel helpless if it changes. But if you create your own happiness, no one can take that away from you unless you let them. Does that make sense?

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