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Re: Pokemon Sun and Moon. - November 29th 2016, 02:18 AM

My boyfriend bought both Sun and Moon. He basically got them for 'free' at GameStop by trading in a lot of his old video games and getting store credit. He beat the story in one of them, I think sun, and he's now just going around and trying to catch all the Pokemon. He said he liked them and that they are different than previous games.

I don't play though. I don't have my own DS and I tried playing a Pokemon game when I was younger and couldn't get into it. If I ever get a DS I might see if I can play my boyfriend's Pokemon games.

My boyfriend said he liked the new characters too. His starter Pokemon was the red/orange and black cat looking thing. He evolved it and last I looked he was on level 37 but he says they go all the way up to 100.

Sorry if I am not conveying this correctly. This comes from someone who hasn't played. But, it does interest me I am just hoping I'll be able to get my own DS at some point. My boyfriend was thinking of buying the 3ds or the 2ds but they are all sold out. He says maybe next year for our anniversary or for valentine's day.

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