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Re: How do I cope? - December 31st 2016, 05:52 PM

Hey there,

There are loads of different things that you could try to calm down and feel less anxious. It's mainly a matter of trying different things to see what works best for you.

Do you usually try to cope with knuckle cracking and fiddling with your hands? Perhaps you could have a stress ball, or a squidgy toy as something to fiddle with. You could also get a Rubik's cube as not only are you doing something with your hands but also distracting your mind from whatever is making you feel anxious.

You could also try deep breathing exercises and mindfulness- there are many tutorials online. Another thing that helps to decrease your anxiety levels can be regular exercise. Or even exercise when you are feeling anxious can help.

You can also try distracting yourself, by being productive e.g. drawing, cleaning, cooking etc. As these things also mean you are using your hands but also your mind too.

You mention that you haven't felt this way in a while, so I'm wondering if there has been something that has triggered your anxiety? Learning to deal with the trigger can help lower the anxiety too, if that's possible.

Hope others can share their ideas for managing anxiety too!

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