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Re: Feeling down. - January 27th 2017, 04:39 AM

Hi, Ade!

I'm sorry to hear about what people have said to you, and how it has made you feel. It can be discouraging to hear negative remarks.

Do you think you're making progress? No matter how small, progress is progress and it's wrong that other people are telling you how much progress you are making. Only you can notice that because progress can be small and subtle, but important and incredible nonetheless. The fact that you are working on recovery is progress.

I know it can be upsetting to have these sort of things pointed out, true or not, but I want to encourage you to continue working toward recovery. Take it one step at a time and at your own pace. Simply trying is making progress, and it'll take awhile but there will be improvements. Just don't give up, okay? You cannot always see progress with your own eyes because it starts within.

Focus on your accomplishments and write down every bit of progress each day - even if you simply challenged a negative thought, or did a bit of house cleaning despite wanting to stay in bed all day, or went to the store even though your anxiety was challenging that day. It all counts and it all contributes. Stay strong and take care, and always remember that you can do this. We're here with support anytime you need.